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ArtJamz, Well, Jams... with vitaminwater zero!

By Kathryn Poulsen on December 10, 2010
Art imitating life.  Or vice versa?
Art imitating life. Or vice versa?
Be sure to check out all 111 of our photographs from this event HERE and tell us what you were wearing that night!

Last night was my first experience at an ArtJamz session and, as I left my apartment, I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect. For months I had heard about this fantastic new series of artistically-minded events that had been taking Washington by storm and was thrilled at the chance to finally go myself!

Just stepping out of the elevator and into the loft of Gibson Guitar's D.C. showroom left me in total awe...

To be sure, for the guitar fanatic, Gibson's Chinatown location is a must see! Guitars of all shapes, colors, and sizes -- some signed by chart-topping performers -- litter the studio walls. But seeing as how I wasn't blessed with the least bit of musical talent, it was the tarps and naked canvases that caught my immediate attention last night.

The premise behind each ArtJamz session is simple: Eat, drink, and create. Founder Michael Clements has added a refreshing twist to the typical D.C. night out and managed to hook the DMV community on painting in the process.

Sold out nearly every night, ArtJamz is fast becoming a Washington staple and the perfect setting for a fun date. Participants actually get to do something together instead of simply observing it!

While the typical ArtJamz session is open to anyone who wants to let loose their inner artist (adults and kids alike depending upon the location), Thursday night's party was an invitation-only affair hosted by vitaminwater zero.

The evening's "guest artisans" included, Mary Amons (Labels for Love, the District Sample Sale, The Real Housewives of DC), K Street Kate's Kate Michael, Pamela's Punch's Pamela Sorensen, Washington Post's Holly Thomas, BYT's Svetlana Legetic, and Paul Wharton (Evolution Look, The Real Housewives of DC), among many others.

Guests enjoyed an open bar full of beer, wine, and vitaminwater, as well as a table piled high with savory bites of sushi and other Asian delicacies.

And with their masterpieces nearing completion, last night's "artistes" even managed to take a well deserved break towards the end to enjoy a live performance by D.C.-based U.S. Royalty.

As I was leaving -- humming one of John Thornley's infectious melodies -- I found myself, of course, struck by all of the impressive artwork that was created that night (you can't fool us D.C., there were definitely some professional painters in the room).

What a refreshing way to let out your inner artist!

NOTE: vitaminwater zero is a valued sponsor of

Be sure to check out all 111 of our photographs from this event HERE and tell us what you were wearing that night!

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