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The Madison Tags Blue Ridge In Shades of Red, White & Blue Graffiti!

By Daniel Swartz on August 27, 2010
The Madison's Board of Directors organized the fundraiser for StreetWise Partners.
The Madison's Board of Directors organized the fundraiser for StreetWise Partners.
NORTHWEST -- Founded in 2004, The Madison is a Washington, D.C.-based professional, civic, and social organization oriented towards young women.

Last night, the 501(c)(7) non-profit took over the beautifully-lit rooftop deck of Blue Ridge for a fun-filled "American Graffiti"-themed evening.

A suggested donation of $5 bought each member (or guest) access to a special drink menu that had been crafted by the venue specifically for the night. Bottles of beer were discounted to a scant $3.00 and specialty cocktails, including Blue Ridge's signature Sweet Tea, sold for a reasonable $5.00.

Bartenders Hugo Gilbert and Patrick Mulroy had even mixed up a red and blue cocktail for the occasion called the "American Graffiti Shot" (tequila, red grenadine, and blue curacao) -- although guests were free to order from a myriad of other drinks.

Hint: The bartenders have a secret drink menu made up of especially potent concoctions that locals know to ask for. We recommend the "Banana Hammock" (the drink that is).

At the beginning of every calendar year, The Madison selects a single, primary charity that will serve as the beneficiary for most of the organization's fundraisers for that year. For 2010, StreetWise Partners was selected and all door donations collected last night will therefore be forwarded to the mentoring non-profit.

In keeping with the red, white, and blue theme, the evening's organizers had purchased dozens of white T-shirts that were for sale at cost to all attendees ($2.00/each). Guests were then asked to decorate each other's shirts with the dozens of colored markers that had been scattered throughout the venue.

Designs ranged from pictures ("peace") to greetings to humorous (and occasionally naughty) anecdotes.

If this is what American Graffiti is all about, hand us a sharpie. We're proud to be Americans!

To apply to become a member of The Madison in 2011 (membership is capped at 100 young women), please visit the organization's website.

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