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Elvish Black Tie Serves As Festive Formalwear At Capital Club's 23rd Annual Santa Soiree

By Daniel Swartz on December 18, 2014
Be sure to check out all 145 of our photographs from this event HERE!
The Guest List:
Alex Lara, Alexandra Kwit, Alexandra Victoria: 1 | 2 | 3, Ali Krukowski: 1 | 2 | 3, Ali Toal, Allie Ryan, Allison Kopp, Allison VanValkenburg, Andrew Bird, Andrew Kovalcin, Andrew Mills, Anna Alburger, Annie Starke, Ashley E. Montenegro, Ashton Theodore Randle, Bobby Schwartz, Britt McHenry, Brittney Powers, Brooke A. Henderson, Carl Bedell, Chris May: 1 | 2, Christopher Gindlesperger: 1 | 2, Claire Burghoff: 1 | 2, Craven Randall Casper, Dana Emm: 1 | 2, David Tafuri, Diana Minshall, Doug Quarles, Elizabeth A. Butler, Emily Tara, Fritz Brogan, German Vivas, Gordon Winn, Jake Cusack, James Fitzella, Jay T. Cohen, Jean Adelberger: 1 | 2, Jeanne Marie Shewmaker, Jessie Edington, Jonathan Edwards, Joshua Jemente, Justin Lange, Kaitlyn Reilly, Karlie Blattner: 1 | 2, Kendra Arnold, Kristen Anderson: 1 | 2, Kristen Topping: 1 | 2, Laura Howard: 1 | 2 | 3, Laura Zobor, Lauren Culbertson, Lauren H. Waldron, Leigh Genetti, Liz Owens, Lizzie Dean: 1 | 2 | 3, Margaret Clark, Margaret Johnson, Matt Serenius, Meredith Gloger, Merrill Bankston: 1 | 2, Miles Pratt: 1 | 2, Monica Gonzalez, Monica Renee Farrow, Morgan Giddings, Morgan Leigh Topping, Nick Hunter: 1 | 2, Otis N. Ofori, Peter Lynch, Rachel Grinney, Raymon Pal, Rich Scully, Robert Thorsen, Ryan Seelbach, Sam Sterling, Sarah Nichols, Sarah Valerio, Seth Obed, Seth Waugh, Sophie Blake, Sophie Pyle, Tanveer Kathawalla: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, Tom Qualtere: 1 | 2 | 3, Toni Henderson, Win Huffman, Zack Dugan: 1 | 2
GEORGETOWN -- Both bells and belles were happily jingling on Saturday night, during The Capital Club's signature annual holiday benefit.

Festively dubbed 'Santa Soiree', the formal affair once again took over the first two floors of Georgetown's historic City Tavern Club this year, where the popular party has made its home for most of the past decade.

Gentleman and ladies alike dressed in creative 'elvish black tie ' duds, which was liberally interpreted to mean everything from Santa scarves to plaid ties to mistletoe hats to penguin studs to tartan cummerbunds (and everything in between).

Selling out for a 23rd year in a row, Santa Soiree is one of the most looked forward to holiday celebrations of Washington's affluent and philanthropically-minded twenty and thirty-somethings.

The Winn Brothers Band, a D.C. cover band staple, served as the evening's live entertainment and delivered an enthusiastic set that had everyone packing the dance floor long past midnight.

A plethora of colorful decorations, which adorned the venue's walls, stairwells, and patio, further set the festive mood. And a series of open bars only further fueled an already jubilant crowd.

Like all of The Capital Club's events, a portion of the night's proceeds were earmarked for a series of both local and national charity and community causes.

The social organization boasts a rich D.C. history, with the group founded more than 30 years ago. Membership is strictly limited to only 100 members and an invitation to join is a coveted badge of honor among D.C.'s upper crust.

Naughty or nice, Santa Soiree attendees always leave more than jolly.

Be sure to check out all 145 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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