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Samy K Toasted At Jack Rose During Surprise "Good Bye Kane Show's Rose" Farewell Party

By Daniel Swartz on August 31, 2012
Photo: Daniela Kelley /
Photo: Daniela Kelley /
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The Guest List:
Samy K: 1 | 2, Sarah Fraser
All photographs by Daniela Kelley for

NORTHWEST -- For five years Samy K has entertained D.C. listeners, as part of the top-rated HOT 99.5 Kane Show team. It therefore took many by surprise when the radio personality first announced his decision, a few weeks back, to step away from the airways.

For those truly close to the easygoing twenty-something, it didn’t seem quite out of character, however. Samy’s passion for music is well known and his most recent career move will free him up to focus on his D.C.-based band, Bonnie Rash, in addition to affording him the time to finish his degree in political science and communications (a longstanding goal).

And while they will surely miss hearing Samy’s characteristically sarcastic and sometimes bawdy voice each weekday morning, his family and friends (radio or otherwise) are excited about his future prospects.

Still, they couldn’t let him escape the media landscape without a proper sendoff. So on Wednesday evening, the sneaky bunch hatched a plan to surprise Samy with a party on the second floor of Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

Orchestrated by many culprits, including fellow Kane Show partners-in-crime Sarah Fraser and Erick, the crowded celebration featured everything from signature drink specials to caricature signage and even boasted a specially designed party t-shirt!

Among Samy’s friends in attendance were Jack Rose beer director Nahem Simon and owner Bill Thomas, Bonnie Rash producer Chucky Thompson (who was one of the original hit men from Bad Boy Productions) and band members Eddie Smotkin and Teddy Bloom, Graffiato and Bandolero principal James Horn, Churchkey/Birch & Barley beer director Greg Engert, and Brightest Young Things events manager Chris Schmid.

Playing off the host venue’s name, the theme for the night was “Good Bye Kane Show’s Rose” (a spoof of the Elton John track) and the party invitation encouraged guests to “give back and show [Samy] how much [they] love him.”

Dong out.

Be sure to check out all 52 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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