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‘Stones’ Step Over ‘Suspicious Package’ At Fourth Annual Journopalooza Music Festival!

By Daniel Swartz on March 12, 2012
Be sure to check out all 26 of our photographs from this event HERE!
The Guest List:
NORTHWEST -- Marrying an inherently endearing dose of nerdiness with highly respectable, albeit still unsigned, musical talent, the fourth annual Journopalooza music festival filled the monstrous subterranean performance area of The Hamilton late Friday evening.

A decidedly D.C. event, Journopalooza pits a handful of local journalist-fronted bands against each other once a year, with proceeds from the night earmarked for charity.

For 2012’s battle of the bands, seven groups duked it out until the late hours of the night for the year’s bragging rights as to the city’s best journo-rockers, with GRAMMY-nominated hip hop artist Christylez Bacon serving as host.

And while last year’s winner, the semipro Suspicious Package, delivered a series of rousing performances in its usual blistering style, it was the Stepping Stones (John Kelly, Dan de Vise, Tim Brennan, and Chuck Dolan) who managed to win over the mainly colleague, friend, and family-packed audience, to score the night’s top title.

Ultimately though, it was beneficiary nonprofits Writopia Lab and Reach Incorporated who emerged as the event’s real winners.

A truly rockin’ byline!

Be sure to check out all 26 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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