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D.C. Definitely Not Late For Very Important Date; Jete Society Dance Party Puts On The Ritz!

By Daniel Swartz on January 23, 2012
Dance Party co-chairs Ashley Taylor and Winston Lord stand flanked by 'ALICE (in wonderland)'-costumed models.
Dance Party co-chairs Ashley Taylor and Winston Lord stand flanked by 'ALICE (in wonderland)'-costumed models.
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The Guest List:
Aaron Jackson, Adair Hendrickson, Alex Konieczny, Alex Mehrnaz Naini: 1 | 2, Allison Priebe Brooks: 1 | 2, Allison Somers, Amanda Stout, Analissa Varian, Andrea Rodgers, Angelique V√ɬ©lez, Anna Chaley Croll, Ariel Rad: 1 | 2, Arthur Karell, Ashley Taylor: 1 | 2, Ashton Theodore Randle, Atila Omer, Becca Orchardo: 1 | 2, Becca Thorsen, Ben Evans, Brendan Kownacki, Brooke A. Henderson, Caitlin Byrnes, Candace Ourisman, Caroline Carr Gould, Caroline MacMillan, Carolyn Palowitch: 1 | 2, Cherie Short: 1 | 2, Cheryl Romero: 1 | 2, Constance Christakos, Cori Sue Morris: 1 | 2, Courtney Cohen: 1 | 2, Dan Hartenstine, Daniel Ahr, Daniela Kelley, Davey Ahearn, David Anderson, David H. Miller, Diane Crawford, DJ Pitch One, Doll Lawrence, Elizabeth Kane, Emma Dinzebach, Fritz Brogan, Heather Dar√ɬ°zs, Heather Downen: 1 | 2, Heather Guay, Jason Kampf, Jason Mandel: 1 | 2, Jayne Sandman: 1 | 2, Jeff Dufour: 1 | 2, Jessica James Golden: 1 | 2, Jessica Maria: 1 | 2, Jordan Haas: 1 | 2, Kaitlyn Reilly: 1 | 2, Kate Michael, Kate-Marie Grinold, Kathleen Galvan: 1 | 2 | 3, Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly, Khaleelah PoRome, Kristen Murdock, Kristin Guiter: 1 | 2, Kristina Palangi, Larry O Halloran: 1 | 2, Laura Chambers, Laura Chavez, Lauren Turner, Liberty Jones, Lindsay Bronwen Tingley, Lindsey Becker, Lucien Zeigler, Maggie Pitts, Mallory Elise, Mariam Karim: 1 | 2, Mark Ein: 1 | 2, Marybeth Coleman: 1 | 2, Matt Bronczek, Matt Gerber, Matt Schwartz: 1 | 2, Meaghan Smith, Melanie Kimmelman, Meredith Collins Casey, Michael Bailey, Michael Brody, Michael Woestehoff, Motrya Alexandra Hanas, Natalie Grigorian Carmona, Nicole Modica Seifert, No√ɬęlle Sherber Rad: 1 | 2, Pamela Brown, Pamela Lynne Sorensen: 1 | 2, Peter Jansen: 1 | 2, Randall Casper, Reed Landry, Reem Sadik, Richard Scully: 1 | 2, Ryan Seelbach, Ryan Zimmerman, Sally Stiebel, Sara Anne, Sara Beth Walsh: 1 | 2, Sara Trab Nielsen, Scott Logan: 1 | 2, Septime Webre, Sondra Ortagus, Sophie Pyle, Stacy Hadeka, Stephanie Fontenot, Stephanie Green: 1 | 2, Stephanie Ruiter, Stephanie Scheider Ahr, Svetlana Legetic, Tristin Elizabeth Monroe, Veronica Stroh: 1 | 2 | 3, Vivian Leslie: 1 | 2 | 3, Windy Shepard: 1 | 2, Winston Bao Lord: 1 | 2 | 3, Wright Sigmund
NORTHWEST -- Washingtonians got a little Ďmadí on Saturday evening, as The Washington Ballet Jetť Society's signature annual dance party took over the sprawling lower level of The Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C.

In a nod to the award-winning dance companyís upcoming performance of ĎALICE (in wonderland)í (April 11th-15th), the night boasted a special ĎMad Hatterí theme from start to finish, complete with roaming magicians and a prop-filled photo booth.

Costumed greeters sporting some of the outfits that will be featured in the performance itself greeted guests at the door and could be spotted mingling about throughout the night, along with co-hosts Ashley Taylor and Winston Lord.

The performanceís costumes are particularly noteworthy since they were created by famed designer Liz Vandal (the same costume designer behind Cirque du Soleilís award-winning OVO show).

As in past years, Washington Ballet Artistic Director Septime Webre joined Taylor and Lord on-stage at approximately 10:30pm to introduce an energetic dance performance piece choreographed by company faculty member Aaron Jackson, as hundreds of ticketholders looked-on.

Now in its eleventh year, the Dance Party is always one of the seasonís most popular galas for D.C.ís young tastemakers, and the 2012 edition surely didnít disappoint.

Spotted among a sea of beautiful people, including athletes, corporate executives, media personalities, philanthropists, and non-profit leaders, was everyone from Washington Nationals Third Baseman Ryan Zimmerman to ABC 7 anchor Pamela Brown to Washington Kastles owner Mark Ein.

Unlike some of the cityís other canít-miss formal affairs, the Jete Society Dance Party is notable for the fact that guests almost always come prepared to dance.

And dance they did until the clock struck 2:00am, with New York City-based DJ Pitch One spinning-up hours of popular hits, including everything from Journey to Bon Jovi to The Black Eyed Peas to the occasional thumping house mix.

Most likely the cityís first true dance dance revolution of the new year!

Be sure to check out all 193 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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