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Rogue Sessions Presents Chef Bryan Voltaggio!

By Daniel Swartz on January 17, 2012
Chef Bryan Voltaggio served as the first 'Rogue Sessions' guest chef.
Chef Bryan Voltaggio served as the first 'Rogue Sessions' guest chef.
Be sure to check out all 33 of our photographs from this event HERE!
BLAGDEN ALLEY -- Award-winning chef Bryan Voltaggio was the first guest to take the reins of Rogue 24’s gleaming island kitchen last week, as part of an exclusive culinary series hosted by the restaurant during owner/chef R.J. Cooper’s recovery from heart surgery.

Kampachi/fennel/blood orange/ginger

Playfully labeled ‘Rogue Sessions’, the 8-week run invites a rotating cast of world-renown chefs to add their own unique spin on Rogue’s signature 24-course dinner by pairing 12 of each chef’s own creations with 12 of the restaurant’s favorites.

Cheftender Bryan Tetorakis’ Non-Alcoholic Cherry Coffee “Stout” (tart cherry and coffee bean w/ a counter culture coffee air “head”)

The self-described culinary journey, as prepared by Voltaggio, was as follows:
  • Course 1: Macaroons/celeriac/beet
  • Course 2: House fried rice /duck/vegetables/soy/sesame
  • Course 3: Pizza paper/ricotta/basil/tomato

    Maitake/oats/sea grass/yeast/ale

  • Course 4: Oyster/smoked potato/bacon/black truffle
  • Course 5: Yogurt/eggplant/benne/sumac
  • Course 6: Urchin/lava/coral/seaweed/brackish water

    Oyster/smoked potato/bacon/black truffle

  • Course 7: Kampachi/fennel/blood orange/ginger
  • Course 8: Celery root/nasturtium/mustard/grapefruit
  • Course 9: Ossetra/cauliflower/apple/cider

    Tetorakis’ Aztec Chocolate & Banana w/ Madeira Sercial (vanilla banana milk mixed with Aztec chocolate)

  • Course 10: Swordfish/mortared scales/cara cara orange/samphire
  • Course 11: Foie gras/coconut/coriander/coffee
  • Course 12: Turbot/butternut/brussels/radish

  • Course 13: Ravioli/parsley root/ash/black trumpet
  • Course 14: Ox tongue/sour dough/mostarda/bitter herbs
  • Course 15: Squab/dates/parsnips/groats


  • Course 16: Oyster root/quince/country ham/almonds
  • Course 17: Pig/cabbage/juniper/apple vinegar
  • Course 18: Snails/ham/potato/trumpets

  • Course 19: Lamb/crab apple/granola/dandelion
  • Course 20: Endives/perigord black truffle/truffle caramel
  • Course 21: Maitake/oats/sea grass/yeast/ale


  • Course 22: Peanut butter/chocolate/jelly/milk
  • Course 23: Chocolate/marshmallow/peanut/caramel
  • Course 24: Happy endings/little things/small bites

The second week of Rogue Sessions begins tonight with Tim Byres, co-owner and chef of Dallas’ acclaimed SMOKE restaurant. Tables can be reserved via the Gilt City D.C. website.

Be sure to check out all 33 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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