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Pigs Fly At Capital Club’s 24th Annual ‘Swine On The Vine’ Tailgate Party!

By Daniel Swartz on October 10, 2011
Be sure to check out all 170 of our photographs from this event HERE!
The Guest List:
Allison Prescott, Ally Mann, Andrea Szempruch, Brooke A. Henderson, Caroline MacMillan: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, Carolyn McKay Elliott, Christa Taylor Aiken: 1 | 2, Colleen Fitzgerald, Colleen Schell, Dan Calano, Daniel Swartz, David Anderson, Edward Pyle Frederick II, Emily Bolton: 1 | 2, Eric Neuhaus, Erika Schultz, Erin Potter, Grant Allen, Gretchen Gustafson: 1 | 2, James Merrill: 1 | 2, Jessica James Golden: 1 | 2, John Blomstrom, Josie Taylor, Justin Lange, Katherine Kennedy, Kent Hodgson, Kerry Duffy: 1 | 2, Kristen Murdock, Lindsay Giacobazzi: 1 | 2, Makeda Saggau-Sackey, Matt Vredenburgh, Maureen Beach, Maureen Carroll: 1 | 2 | 3, Michelle Ann, Peter Jansen, Peter Revett Dixon, Sondra Ortagus, Stacy Hadeka: 1 | 2, Steve Chenevey, Tannaz Mohammadi: 1 | 2, Will Lee, Win Huffman: 1 | 2
WOODFORD, Va. -- It was as if the pages of the fall J. Crew catalog had come alive on Saturday afternoon, as hundreds of young Washingtonians turned out for the 24th annual ‘Swine on the Vine’ party hosted by The Capital Club.

An upscale fall tailgating party held once each year on a private farm in Virginia, the all-day, all-American bash attracted a sea of primarily Georgetown and Glover Park residents clad in various shades of denim and ‘BBQ chic’ attire.

After boarding a caravan of chartered buses in the District, guests were shuttled about an hour south to a rustic outdoor field that had been temporarily outfitted with everything from state-of-art LCD televisions (to watch the games) to a catered BBQ truck to dedicated sparkling wine and beer bars.

Between toasts and the occasional pass of the football, Capital Club members, guests, and friends gathered around a makeshift concert stage at the far end of the space, on which a rotating shift of local musicians performed throughout the afternoon, including singer/songwriter Tom McBride and the band known as Ivy Rose.

Foregoing the late night bonfires that sprung alive on-location in prior years, this weekend’s ‘Swine on the Vine’ celebration ushered attendees back to the recently opened Mason Inn sports bar for the after party, complete with all of the amenities of a local tavern.

A perfect day for living high on the hog…

Be sure to check out all 170 of our photographs from this event HERE!
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