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Valentine's Day 2011 Feature: Paolo's Ristorante, Washington, D.C.

By Daniel Swartz on February 9, 2011
Are you and your significant other up for a Menage a Trois with Paolo?
Are you and your significant other up for a Menage a Trois with Paolo?
GEORGETOWN -- As we mentioned in yesterday’s story spotlighting Mie N Yu’s colorful ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ cocktail, 19 of Georgetown’s most popular drinking and dining establishments are partnering this weekend for a playful “Love Potions” promotion, in which $14 buys you and a guest each a special Valentine’s Day cocktail.

Next up on our little romantic neighborhood watch is Wisconsin Avenue’s Paolo's Ristorante!

A Georgetown staple since it first opened its doors in 1987, the flagship location of this two-outpost restaurant chain (the second location can be found in Reston, Virginia) has a special treat indeed for couples this weekend!

Billed enigmatically as “dessert in a glass,” Executive Chef Tom Crenshaw will indulge each guest with a plate of three jumbo strawberries – each injected with a generous shot of Cointreau, Amaretto or Tia Maria.

The aptly titled ‘Menage a Trois’ cocktail is served complete with chocolate ganache, powdered sugar, and caramel garnishes and can be enjoyed either by itself or as the start to the restaurant’s three-course $55 prix-fixe menu on Valentine’s Day itself.

It’s almost enough to make Paolo’s your second love!

To make a reservation at Paolo’s of Georgetown, please visit the restaurant's website.

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